How to Deal with Your Lawyer Issue #3 Debbie Downer

Issue #3 Debbie Downer

How to Deal with Your Lawyer Issue #3 Debbie Downer

“Why does my lawyer have to be so negative about the case?” If you are feeling like your lawyer is bursting your bubble during every conversation, it might mean you have a really good lawyer.

A big part of a lawyer’s job is explaining to clients the realities of working within the legal system. We have to deliver a lot of sobering news. Sometimes, this comes across as being overly negative. What you can consider is this: as lawyers we are trained to consider every possible outcome in a case. We prepare for the very worst so that we have a plans and strategies in place to deal with disaster. We want the best outcome, but we are used to thinking in terms of the “worst case scenario.” It benefits our clients when we do so.

However, if you think your lawyer is just not positive enough to fight for you and doesn’t believe in your case, ask yourself these questions: 1) does my lawyer seem to know and remember the important facts about me and my case, 2) does my lawyer seem to want to help me, and 3) do I believe that my lawyer is capable of and willing to fight for me. Your answers to those questions will help you decide how to move forward.

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